Alice Potter

Alice Potter


South Australian contemporary jeweller Alice Potter finished her Bachelor of Visual Communications at the University of South Australia in 2004, a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied Design [Jewellery] at Adelaide College of the Arts in 2006, and since then completed First Class Honours in Visual Arts at UniSA in 2012. Alice works on her jewellery and object art practice from her home studio in Adelaide, while also working as Studio Head in the internationally recognised Jewellery and Metal Studio at JamFactory design + craftsmanship Inc. As a leader in the arts and crafts sector in Australia, JamFactory has been giving craftspeople the opportunity to develop their careers for over 45 years, as well as encouraging makers and designers with public programs, workshops and exhibitions.

Between 2007 and 2011 she was an access tenant at Adelaide's Gray Street Workshop, working concurrently as Technical Officer in University of South Australia's Jewellery and Metal Studio. Since 2011 Alice has taught numerous UniSA Jewellery courses, children's art workshops through Carclew Youth Art's Pom-Pom program, community run classes in JamFactory's Metal Studio, as well as giving bespoke workshops and artist talks within South Australian art and culture institutions.

Alice's work is a mix of techniques and mediums. Through her jewellery pieces she loves to work with precious metals and colourful gemstones, while also using bold shapes, intricate detail and interesting material combinations with her production pieces. In her art/object/sculpture practice she leans toward non-traditional, reused and found materials. All her works have a distinct focus on colour and form, with her design background showing through amongst the colour combinations and the placement of specifically chosen elements. From her quiet jewellery works to her more elaborate sculpture pieces, each is carefully designed and constructed to reflect design in everyday life as wall jewellery and wearable art.


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